Villain’s Jacket


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Villain’s jacket is an oversized and long jacket. If a shorter version is desired the ridge hem can start sooner and finish with 6 buttonholes instead of 8. The Villain’s jacket is knitted top-down and shaped with raglan increases. The neck band is worked in ridge st and continues into the front bands of the jacket. The jacket is knitted from the neck band where the sts are picked up. The body is knitted in the flat, while the sleeves are worked in the round.

Sizes: 1 (2) 3 (4) 5 (6) 7 yrs

Width: 30 (32) 34 (36) 38 (39) 40 cm

Length: 35 (40) 43 (45) 47 (48) 49 cm

Tension: 16*25

Needles: 100 cm circular needles 5,5 mm, dpn 5,5 mm (or magic loop)

Yarn required: 250g (300g) 350g (400g) 400g (450g) 500g

Yarn suggestions: Lion Brand Yarn Fishermen’s wool, Du Store Alpakka Tweed, Dale Lerke Pluss

Extras: 8 buttons

Villain’s Jacket

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