Dexters Shorts


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Dexters shorts have a super fit and are as practical as they are cute. They keep the little buttocks warm during the cold months with a pair of tights. In the summer they are super cute with little child thighs.

Dexters shorts are knitted from the bottom and up. The legs are knitted on 3 mm needles and the body is knitted on 3,5 mm circular needles.

Sizes: 3-6 mths (6-9mths) 9-12mths(1-2yrs) 2-3 yrs(3-4yrs)
Width: 23,5 cm (27cm) 28cm (29cm) 30 cm (32cm)
Tension: 28*38 using needles 3,5 mm
Needles: needles for legs 3 mm, 40 cm circular needles 3,5 mm, 40 cm circular needles 3 mm
Yarn required: 100g for all sizes
Yarn Suggestions: Filcolana Arwetta or Dale Lille Lerke
Dexters Shorts
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