Arctic Winter Sweater english


Arctic Winter Sweater is raw and is quite oversized. The chunky look and the high neck with the zipper emphasize the raw look. The yarn gives a ”furry” effect.

Arctic Winter Sweater is worked top-down. The sweater is started at the neck, from where the stitches for the shoulder is picked up. Then the yoke and neckline are formed. The stitches for the sleeves are picked up and knitted from the armhole, with short rows to ensure the right form.

The yoke is worked in the flat. The two sections from the yoke is joined and worked in the round, to form the body. All rib edges are knitted on 7 mm needles (Merino 70) while the rest of the sweater is worked on 9mm needles (double-stranded Yara).

The method provisional cast-on is used for cast on.

The sweater is VERY oversized. I recommend a 40-50 cm positive ease. Measure your bust circumference (or your belly if that’s the widest part of your body) and choose the sizes that fit you. E.g; Your bust circumference is 96 cm. Choose size M.

Arctic Winter sweater is a short sweater. I recommend to try on the sweater as you proceed and adjust the length is necessary.


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Sizes: XS (S) M (L) XL

Width: 122 (130) 142 (150) 160 cm

Length: 59 (60) 64 (67) 70 cm

Sleeve Length: 39 (40) 42 (43) 44 cm

Gauge: 10 stitches per 10 cm and 14 rows per 10 cm

Suggested needle sizes:  Circular needles 100 cm 9mm, Circular needles  40 cm 9 mm, Circular needles  100 cm 7mm

Yarn required: 300g (300g) 400g (450g) 500g Lang Yarns Yara and 100g (100g) 100g (100g) 150g Merino 70

Yarn suggestions: Double-stranded Lang Yarns Yara, 1 strand Lang Yarns Merino 70

Extras: 20 cm zipper


Arctic Winter Sweater english
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